Wednesday, February 27, 2013

9 months

I honestly cherish every stage of your life! This stage...oh so much FUN. I absolutely love watching you grow and develop. Your eighth month was intense.

Belly laughs.

Pulling up

Which means we had to lower your crib.


First tooth

Picking up these puffs and eating them

Your first words were, "Hey, Da Da." I had never imagined what your voice would sound like. Before you were born, i dreamed about what you would look like. Who's eyes you would have, what shape of lips, etc, but never really thought about what your voice would sound like. You have the sweetest, raspy voice. It is the sweetest noise I have ever heard.

Have I mentioned that I love being your mom?! I am so thankful that the Lord placed you in my life. I constantly pray that I would honor Him well by being your mom.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

first day - feburary

Linking up for first day. Lots of pictures to share this month. It was a good day.