Monday, April 29, 2013

11 months

In less than a month, you will be a year old. This year has been full of changes. The different stages, just in this one year, have brought me so much joy.

This past month was pretty funny.


You perfected the "stank" face. Which means the attitude is here, in full force.

You love to play chase. You may be tiny, but you sure are fast. You chuckle every time you crawl away from us. This is cute and funny, until we are really not wanting you to go somewhere. 

Each night we throw as many pacifiers as we can into your crib. Why??

Because you do that. You throw all but one out onto the floor. Usually in that same spot. I walk in each morning to find a pile of pacifiers by the door and scattered around your crib.

You also chew on the end of the crib. I suppose you are waiting for us to come in and get you. Look at those teeth marks!!!

The dishwasher and mirrors are hilarious. You found your reflection and are pretty proud of yourself.

When I say, "Oh, wee!," you will grunt and give love to whatever is close to you. Stuffed animals, your dad, me, etc. It's pretty stinkin' cute!

You love books. Especially reading them with Nonnie. She makes sound effects for you to copy, like the busy bees' noise. "Bzzzz." You mainly just spit, while trying to copy her.

Your hair is finally beginning to lay down. This makes some people sad. I am thrilled!! Bring on the hair that I can braid and put in precious ponytails!

You attended your first "sangin" practice. Ask your dad and Granny about the Ballew sisters. Your granny and her sisters sure can sing. 

We made it 10 months before you got sick. You got a stomach bug. It was not fun for anyone. Especially for your dad and Nonnie, who ended up getting it after you had it. :(

A lot happened this month. The invitations for your first birthday party have been mailed. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. Love you, boo bear!