Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 months

Here we are.  Just two months away from your first birthday.  While we were at the hospital with you...10 months ago...the doctors told us to expect you to be behind in your development.  They wanted us to prepare for you to be 2-4 months behind.  Also, while we were in the hospital, if you remember from a previous post in the delivery story, they gave you the nickname, "Pistol."  There has not been a day that you have not lived up to your nickname.  You are right on track developmentally.  The doctor even complemented you on your toned muscles at your last visit.  He knew by looking at you that you were crawling and pulling up.  Again, right on track.  The Lord has shown His glory through your life since the day you were born.  We praise Him for that!

This month you have perfected your crawling and pulling up on things.  You are fast!

Right when we thought you were over the activity jumper, you figured out how to actually jump in it.  You crack up laughing when Nonnie jumps with you.  I find it entertaining as well. :)

You make a ton of fabulous faces that constantly keep us laughing.  One of my favorites that you have mastered is the "duck face."  You do this A LOT!

You have learned to clap....well, sort of.  You more so slap the back of your hands really fast and quite violently, at times.  You are so proud of yourself when you do it.  I am too! :)

You stand all the way up in your crib, which, for awhile, was challenging your sleep.  We all got the hang of it, though.  One of my favorite times of the day is when I come in to get you and you are staring at the door, waiting for me....then you give me the biggest grin when you see me.

You now can say, "Da-Da, Mama, and Bye Bye."  I love the sound of your voice.

I know that I say this in every post, but my love for you is only growing.  I am honored to be your mom, to watch you grow, to be able to teach you.  As your dad and I pray that God would get glory from your life, we also pray that He would get glory from our parenting.  You are a blessing that He has given us.  I am forever thankful for you, my blessing! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

First day - March 2013

Our first day of March was filled with coffee, kitchen organizing, and spending time with Auntie Chelsae.