Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This past weekend and even in to this week has been non stop. Last week, Kirk was out of town at R12 (the Resurgence conference) in California. This was the first time that he has been away since we had Lydia, so she and I missed him terribly. In fact, here's the first of many photos in this post. She has been ALL about him since he got back.

Once he got back into town, we all hit the ground running. Saturday our community group at Gospel Community Church helped serve the neighborhood that Kirk, Lydia, and I live in. They are trying to raise money to renovate the pool. As a church family, we long to serve people and share Jesus within our city whenever we can, this was a great opportunity for that. We had a blast and helped them raise close to $4,000.00.

We left from there to go and celebrate our nephew, Conner's, birthday. Can I just say that it finally hit me this year that he is no longer a "baby?" He is 7 going on 17. I mean, the clothes at Babies R Us don't fit him! I was only able to get a toy from there now that they combined that store with Toys R Us. I had to go to Target to get the boy some clothes from the boys' section. He and Brenna have a new baby sister on the way. We can't wait to meet Cora!!! So they are having some practice loving on Lydia and I sort of love it! To see their faces light up around her is too sweet!!

There are some more pictures from this weekend, but I will wait and share them in my next post which will be Lydia's 5 month post. She has had a lot of firsts this month and I was able to catch a lot of them with the camera. 5 months? Really? Someone help me hold my eyelids open so I don't blink!!


Kelli said...

LOVE this post!!
1. I need a tissue for the first picture with Lydia smiling at Kirk.
2. I love the serving and sharing you guys were able to do in your community!
3. I may or may not need another tissue for the picture of Conner holding Lydia!

Chelsea said...

@kelli, I know! Both of those are two of my favorites! We missed u guys at Conner's party! Kiss your babes for me!

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