Thursday, November 1, 2012

First day (November)

(yes, 3:48am. AM!!! Apparently Lydia decided she needs more milk in order to continue growing.)

One of my favorite clients!

I am blessed to work with other Godly ladies. This is our back break room.

We began rice cereal just this week.

Lydia's favorite song = Come Thou Fount

He watches me clean the kitchen.

We ended our day relaxing on the couch. Had to turn on the night vision switch on my camera. Love this man!

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Amber said...

And I thought my day started early! Lydia is getting so big and always so cute!!! Great pics!

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

What a happy start to your day- precious!

Nicole said...

Lydia has excellent choice in hymns! That's one of my favs too!

I am off to see if I have night vision on my camera! That would totally make my day!

Sarah said...

She is a beautiful baby! Love that Jesus Storybook Bible - it's a fav around here :)

Mo said...

Visting from Journey to Josie - what a sweet day and your little one is adorable!

Meg said...

I recognize that hairdresser cape! We have the same one here, plus a faux-Finding Nemo cape. Gotta have options so kiddo thinks he has a choice in getting his hair cut.

Pickled Pandas said...

Come Thou Fount has got to be my favorite hymn! Love the break room you have, that's got to be a great place to recollect your thoughts!

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