Saturday, December 29, 2012

7 months

My apologies to those of you who have texted asking about Lydia's 7 month post. With a newborn baby and a newborn church plant, this holiday season has been a bit busier than we anticipated.

Onto what is new with Lydia...

Your dad, with a little bit of help from Poppy, designed and built you a playroom this month! We knew Christmas was right around the corner and we needed a place designated just for your stuff. You had begun to take over our entire house, and I have to be honest, I was going a little crazy. Baby stuff was everywhere!! Now, because you have a talented dad, your toys stay in your play room!! Good for you, good for me, good for everyone who comes to our house!
You are officially rolling and SCOOTING off of your playmat! You take one leg and scoot. Slow down, little lady!
And, so, you graduated to the activity jumper! The playmat has been placed in a closet, along with 3 month size clothes.
Ringo has become a friend of yours. I kind of love it!

Everything that you can grab, and I mean everything, goes into your mouth.

Picture by Hannah
My best friend, Hannah, has just begun learning to crochet. And congratulations, Lydia, you are her model. I like it... A LOT actually! Nanny makes you a lot of things (ie: the cowboy hat in your 3 month pics by Kelly is Nice Photography) as well. Crochet is pretty big these days. Scarves, slouchy beanies, baby turbans, etc.

7 months has been one of my favorites. You help me see a glimpse of the love that God has for us. Our love for you is only you grow! Love you, booger!! (Yes, that is one of our many nicknames. You're welcome!)
** Check back soon for a holiday post!


Kelli said...

The picture Hannah took is totally in my top five favorite of Lydia!!
The bottom left picture of the collage is hilarious, and I know you'll enjoy having the playroom as much as she will.
In a couple years when Lydia is putting her hand on her hip, or talking your ear off the side of your head you'll be so glad you did these monthly posts. The first year goes so fast!

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