Tuesday, June 19, 2012

delivery story (part 2)

just another part to the letter i have written to lydia about her delivery story. you can find part 1 here.

1st full day in hospital (braid by hannah)

Monday morning came. Our appointment was with Dr. Miles at 9am. They did the regular check up things. My weight (151lbs. I had gained 25lbs), my blood pressure, and urine check. She then came in and did a detailed ultrasound of you. The pictures of you looked good. You were just measuring small for 33 weeks. The doc came in and talked with us. She said that my blood pressure was high. Basically, you were either smaller because you would just be petite, or because you weren't getting the nutrients from my placenta that you needed. Because of my high blood pressure, I was at risk for preeclampsia, so they wanted to begin monitoring me closely. I had a follow up appointment for that Thursday and was placed on bed rest for the week.

We began the texting and calling marathon. We wanted everyone covering you in prayer. Thankfully, we have friends and family in the medical field. Lindsay Patton had become one of my closest friends. She is a registered nurse. Upon hearing about my high blood pressure, she went out and bought me a blood pressure cuff to keep at home.

I spent the entire afternoon on the couch that Monday. After dinner, Lindsay texted me asking me to check my BP and send her the numbers. It was 137/107. Apparently that bottom number is extremely high. Lindz called immediately and told me "not to be mad at her, but she wanted me to call the doctor." I was a good patient and did as told. The doctor on call told me to lay on my left side all night and to go back to the doc Tuesday morning for a BP check.

Following directions, I found myself back at the doctor Tuesday morning (May 15th). My blood pressure was still high, so the doc was about to send me back home on complete bed rest. That was until he got the results of my urine sample. There was +3 protein in my urine. This is yet another sign of preeclampsia. Dr. Crossing sent me to the hospital. Your dad and I went home, packed a few things, figured out where to send Ringo (our Australian Shepherd pup), and were on our way. 

We checked in and got settled in a room at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. We knew we were there for at least 24 hours because they were running labs on me. Labs included blood work and a 24hr urine sample.

After looking at the lab results the doctors diagnosed me with "mild" preeclampsia. Basically, when they see that you have preeclampsia, they keep you at the hospital until you deliver your baby. The reason for this is because preeclampsia can progress so quickly from "mild" to "severe."

The entire time I had two monitors on my belly. One was monitoring your heartbeat. The other was to gauge if I was having contractions. Just so you know, you were strong the entire time! They never were worried about you...

(to be continued...)


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