Friday, June 8, 2012


big news people! the feeding tube is gone! and it was lydia herself who removed it. which is exactly how i think it should've happened. squirmy wormy pulled it out, yet again, late this afternoon. and since they bumped her up to ALL 8 feedings by bottle she no longer needs it. so, they let her little nose be. and oh! is that little nose divine.

if she gains weight nicely tomorrow, they will begin to wean her off the incubator, which is a 48 hour process. here is the text i got from chelsea earlier today:

bumped to 8 feedings and beginning the process of discharge. could be monday or later depending on how she does with bottles, weight, and moving out of the incubator.

so! continue to pray that she keeps her strength and that drinking all 8 feedings won't take so much energy she doesn't gain weight well. i think i see little rays of light sneaking their way in through the end of the tunnel.


Cindy Smith said...

She looks so content and quite pleased with herself for having removed that feeding tube. Sometimes the grown-ups just aren't listening, lol. Getting babies out of the NICU is a lot of work. Chelsea and Kirk are doing a wonderful job as new parents! Thank you, Hannah for passing along all of this exciting news. <3

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