Saturday, June 2, 2012

i was thrilled to be able to see lydia outside of the incubator last night while she had a bottle. i'm not sure that the pictures really show how teeny she is. the thing that kinda boggles my mind is she is only that. just teeny. she looks exactly as i would picture her if she had been carried full term, only a mini version. perfect in every way. with the sweetest full cheeks.

she was a little sleepy peanut, making her 8pm feeding a little tough. chelsea said that they usually have the hardest time getting her to finish her last bottle each day. makes sense. girl is worn out by then. tonight however, was a different story. she finished her bottle in 16 minutes, setting another record for herself! that paired with being able to hold lydia more than usual seemed to have wrapped up a better day for kirk and chelsea.

and that makes me happy. very happy.


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