Monday, August 20, 2012

3 months

3 months.  when people say "don't blink," they aren't kidding.  since we arrived home from the hospital, i feel like the time has flown.  our lives picked back up where they left off, we just added a munchkin into the mix. 

what has been happening this last month?  a lot!  kirk has begun the deacon process at GCC.  that means that he is coaching eight people thru this season.  i have begun my full schedule back at the salon.  i am working three days a week, while other people get to love on lydia.  kirk stays home with her on tuesday evenings.  hannah gets to cuddle her on thursdays. my mom (nonnie) and kirk's mom (granny) switch off every other saturday.  we are blessed to have people that love her and are itching to keep her for a little bit. 

what advances has lydia made this month?  she is smiling, cooing, and her dad is proud to say she passes gas like a man.  however, the passing gas equals a tummy ache. which is so sad.  the tummy aches bring out my emotions and kirk's patience.  he is so patient...with both of us.  i love that man!

here is a photo collage of some of the pictures taken this last month.  enjoy!



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