Wednesday, August 29, 2012

belly aches

doesn't that face break your heart?! it sure does mine.  this post is for lydia to read when she gets older.

your small belly is giving you fits.  each time you eat, i can hear the gas rolling around in your stomach.  we have talked with your doctor and have been giving you mylicon drops to help, but it doesn't do much good.  your aunt mandy showed us a new way to hold you, which helps a little.  you see, your cousin, caleigh, was a tough baby because she was extrememly colic.  therefore, mandy has a few tricks up her sleeve ...thankfully!!

after looking on the internet and talking with different nurses, i have decided to give up dairy foods and spicy foods in hopes that this will settle your belly a little better.  apparently, dairy and spices tend to upset babies stomachs.  it could take up to two weeks to get all of that food out of my system.  i am praying that this will help you.  it makes me sad when you hurt and i can't do anything to help.  i know that this is just the beginning of those feelings for me. 

we are praying for you everyday!  



Malorie said...

Poor little love. Have you tried gripe water? It helps both of my boys. Prayers for her and you!

Kelli said...

Praying it gets better soon!

Chelsea said...

Malorie, I have not tried gripe water. Someone actually gave me some at a shower!! I will have to try it. Thanks to you and Kelli for the prayers!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through journey to joise.I just wanted to tell you once I gave up dairy & eggs my baby was a different baby.It took me 2 months to figure out but once I did it made a huge difference!

Chelsea said...

Rachel, thank u so much for the encouragement!!! I am praying that this will be the key! And thanks for reading the blog! I hope u continue to read it. I will continue posting updates on this dairy free lifestyle I am walking into. :-) if u have any meal ideas, feel free to pass them along!

BabyBoomer57 said...

You need to talk with Tiffany Kennedy, Ryder has reflux really bad and she has had a hard time with it but it is getting better. It looks like nothing works but loving that munchkin like only a mother could, praying, and time. Ryder is my second grandson, by the way if you didn't know, born 4.24.2012.

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