Sunday, September 2, 2012

first day (september)

here is a fair warning, my first day this month doesn't have a bunch of pictures of lydia due to the fact that she was a pistol when i got home from work.  she got her nickname in the hospital, and they were correct.  a little pistol, indeed.  i think she is to the point of needing a flexible nap schedule.  we shall see how that goes this week.  anyway, enjoy what pictures i did take and be sure to check out the other first day posts that people link up.

happy baby in the mornings

i get to work with the bff on saturdays

welp, at least you guys got to see some work pictures.  just so you know, we did have community group with some of our church family as well as some time at home, you didn't get to see any of that time because of a crying baby.  hoping my little pistol will do well with napping, so that next month's first day is a little more exciting for you guys.


Kameron said...

Crying baby is never fun! Hope she is out of that phase soon! My daughter went through one and it was brutal.

Sarah said...

Oh hang in there through the fussy phase - my second had colic and it was rough. Smoother evenings are ahead!

My name is Kristen! said...

Lydia is just beautiful!!! Love following your blog!

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Your little pistol is beautiful!

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