Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 months

Our gal was 4 months on September 20th. Now that Lydia is here, I realize how much happens in what seems like such a short period of time.

This month, Lydia, you have grown out of your newborn clothes. Bring on the 0-3month sizes! You have been sleeping thru the night. Dad and I thank you for that. You are also picking out your own nap schedule. I tried to put you on what I thought would be best, time wise, and you just figured it out for yourself. I have cut out all dairy foods, which has seemed to help your belly aches calm down a bit. You're welcome! You still get the gas, but it's easier for you to get it out of your little system. This makes us all happier. You are much more alert, which means more smiles and coos. Granny sang to you and said you guys had a moment. She said it was almost as if you wanted to sing along with her. That will happen one day soon! I bet that was a sweet moment with her! Bath time is probably your favorite time of day. You can be having a melt down, but once you hit the water, all is calm in our house. You are also a fan of dad reading to you. We are about halfway thru the Jesus Storybook Bible. This book has been great because it goes thru each story in the Bible and points everything to Jesus. It's a family favorite!

We love watching you grow. You make our life sweeter and we thank God that He blessed us with you.

Another month's worth of pictures...


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