Thursday, September 13, 2012

friends make other friends be crafty

Ok. Confession time. I am TERRIBLE at crafts. My close friends are crafty. Most of Kirk's family has artistic talent. Why can't I have that? I mean, if you give me an idea I may be able to follow through with it, but to be able to envision the idea on my own and see it in my mind before it's done?! Ha! I wish! I know you are thinking, "you're a hairstylist, that is artistic." Yes, but that is all I got! And majority of the time, people bring in pictures for me to replicate, in a sense. I do, however, love it when my creative side does show while working with people's hair! I instantly become confident in my small artistic side.

Shannon is one of my best friends. She is also a "crafty friend." She and her husband were the couple that opened their townhouse to us while Lydia was in the NICU. They live 5 minutes from Piedmont Hospital. The good kind of folks, those two!

Wednesday, Lydia and I headed up to see her in Atlanta. She took us to a place to paint, called All Fired Up. To be honest, I was not really pumped about it, at first (sorry, Shannon). We got there and she told me to pick out something for us to paint. I picked a plate. She instantly got a big, cheesy grin on her face and said she had been thinking of a design for the last few days. If you know Shannon, you know the exact grin I am talking about. Her shoulders move up and the grin is across her face. Gives me joy!

We began the painting process. It involved tape, tiles, paint, brushes, sponges, and Lydia's feet. I gotta say, my first impression was way off. I LOVED it!!! It was therapeutic. It was a week day, so only like 2 other ladies were there. It was quiet. Shannon and I had a chance to catch up and just sit for awhile. And our plate turned out to be awesome!

Thank you, Shannon, for being a friend who forces me out of my comfort zone. I am thankful for you and love you very much.

Lydia, she is the one who wrote you the sweet letter right after you were born. She loves you very much and I am pretty certain you will want to spend a ton of time with her as you grow up.

We love you, Shannon!



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