Thursday, May 31, 2012

chug chug chug!

lydia finished 3 of her 4 bottle feedings today! the next step in that area is to bump her up to 6 bottle feedings a day (rather than by feeding tube), then to all 8 feedings being by bottle. she is just chugging (get it??) along the road to absolutely normal eating. oh! and she pulled out her feeding tube. yet again. i think she is about done with those shenanigans.

the nurse on duty tonight told kirk and chelsea that she is going to do her best to get lydia out of her box and into a normal bed. i know they are both ready for more open access to her. i wish i could picket outside of lydia's window all night chanting "normal bed! normal bed! no more space pod! normal bed!" just to get the point across to the folks in charge. just kidding. that would be ridiculous. all the noise would keep that sweet little girl up and i know she needs plenty of sleep to grow. i'll be writing multiple letters to slip under the nursery door instead...


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