Thursday, May 24, 2012

a step at a time.

good news! chelsea was officially discharged from the hospital today! she's still super sore but feeling a bit more like herself. and while being released may be a baby step, it's a good step. and who are we kidding? we like anything baby related. she and kirk will be sticking close to the hospital until lydia is released as well. i think we should celebrate with a picture of that baby. yeah???

sweet sweet lydia. i want to kiss her face off. she has been chugging away at her bottles like a champ! if needed, they supplement with the feeding tube. since birth she has been breathing on her own. girl. is. a. pistol. chelsea should be starting skin to skin with her tomorrow. and oh goodness, that is an amazing thing.

chelsea is getting better. lydia is growing stonger. and hopefully kirk is resting easier. well,  i'll have to check with him on that. :)

more updates coming soon. i promise.

p.s.- you guys. those perfect lips are so chelsea's.


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