Saturday, May 26, 2012

i know the picture above is huge. but, the fact is, i don't care. story time should be taken seriously.

when visiting today i learned quickly that lydia has become quite the popular gal among the nurses and doctors. they think she is a cutie. a spunky little cutie. but, don't tell her the little part. she has no idea.

two things to pray for her specifically:
that she can begin to maintain her body temperature and that the rest of her levels remain exactly where they need to be.

it was so so good to see chelsea up and about a little. her in-laws took them out to lunch to a mexican place down the street. i'm sure she enjoyed the change of scenery for a bit. kirk got to venture further out than a few blocks today as well. i know settling into the new "normal" until they bring lydia home is tough, but they are doing it so gracefully. those two. they are phenomenal.


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