Tuesday, May 29, 2012


chelsea gave me the recap by phone today rather than by text, so fingers crossed i remember everything correctly...

lydia weighed in today at a whopping 3lbs 13ozs! yup, you read that right. she has gained almost a whole pound since friday. she has also pulled out her feeding tube two more times since the last post which according to the nurse means she is getting stronger. another great sign she is gaining strength is that she has continued to do well finishing her bottles. kirk had the touch this afternoon, coaxing her to drink every drop.

she will be moved from the incubator into a regular open bed when she reaches 4lbs and can maintain her body temperature. she is right on track to make that glorious move in a few days or so!

also, yesterday the fantastic kelly of kelly is nice photography stopped by the hospital to take some pictures. to say i am giddy to see them may be an understatement. i'll be sure to post some of them here when they are ready.


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